How To Choose Tooth Points For Your Excavator

Tooth point is very important part of excavator. Tooth points are attached to the bucket of excavator and loader of any brand make heavy earth moving machines. This tooth points are designed mechanically and metallurgically as per tonnage of force exerting of it and as a result excavating the ground. Tooth points are vulnerable to wear and tear due to abrasive wear and impact load.

Wear can be suffered on excavator bucket teeth as a result of the prolonged frictional interaction between its surface contacting with soil in relative motion during mining process which subsequent  controls its life span. Also this condition may include impact, abrasion, fretting and chemical action . Wear has become a critical issues in mining industries because it can make the premature failure of the bucket tooth and needs a replacement with new component. When replacement of this component(Tooth points/buckets) has been very often due to wear, it can make a reduction in productivity.

Further excavator bucket tooth commonly undergo the dynamic of wear process on which material characteristics of bucket teeth/tooth points should have good strength and surface hardness. Accordingly the teeth/tooth points are often made of steel, which has a good hardness and toughness. In order to withstand abrasive element steel can be improved by surface coating, for ex steel alloy containing Cr, V and Nb could be welded on the steel surface.

Lots of research works were done till date and still research work is going on to improve the design of tooth points and its metallurgical structure. As per research it shows that good tooth points are made from AISI 4140 steel.

Chemical composition in % of AISI 4140 steel is

C- 0.38 to 0.43

Mn – 0.75 to 1.00

Si – 0.20 to 0.35

Cr – 0.80 to 1.10

Mo – 0.15 to 0.25

P – <=0.035

S – <= 0.04

Tooth points are casted and heat treated (950 deg C) and quenched in water to attain required hardness. The hardness achieved after heat treatment should be 55 HRC.

It should be considered that hardness value is inversely proportional with wear value, the harder the material , the lower the wear value. The influence of material hardness is the magnitude of Mn in a bucket tooth.

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Reference : Department of Mechanical Engineering, Universitas Diponegoro, Indonesia.

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